Ride For Doug 2021 is making changes to ensure the safety of all participants. We thank you for your understanding as we have new procedures in place for this year. We have put a lot of work into the details. Please take the time to read this entire page. Please note that we will be adjusting these instructions as updates from Public Health Officer come out.

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Big Picture

  1. Ride date – Sunday June 6, 2021
  2. Ride will be from Colossus in Langley to the University of Fraser Valley in Abbotsford via the backroads of Mission. Approximate ride length 2 hours. Rider maps of route.
  3. THIS IS STILL TBD – There will be no post ride BBQ. The program will be a YouTube Livestream at 7pm. Everybody welcome. http://www.ridefordoug.com/livestream/
  4. Both riders and non-riders are encouraged to submit a video greeting for Doug. Record these in advance or on the ride. Send them to info@RideForDoug.com and we will play them during the Livestream program.
  5. Everything from registration to donations to maps will be online only.
  6. This is the FIFTEENTH ANNIVERSARY of Ride For Doug. Let’s show off how awesome we all are.

If you are riding with us:

  1. Please register online from our Pre-Register Now. There will be no registration table at the ride.
  2. Meeting points are going to be in the corners of the Colossus parking lot. Pay attention to which ticket you select at online registration. We want to spread out the group.
  3. Ride leaves the lot at 2pm, Sunday June 6, 2021.
  4. This year’s route is NOT YET finalized. It features some of the usual RFD favourites and some new ones.
  5. Please do not arrive more than 30 min before the ride.
  6. Park your bike with at least one space between you and the next one – even if you are from the same household. We had a positive public exposure last year. We want to continue to set a good example. Hopefully, the media will be watching us do a good job.
  7. There is no registration at the ride. You must register online at Pre-Register Now. Instructions and updates and map will be sent out by email to the address you use to register.
  8. There will be no food, water, coffee, etc. available on the ride. Bring your own.
  9. We will ride out as a single group. The group with Doug in it will ride past the other collection areas and we will form up then.
  10. Ride will be approximately 2 hours with no rest stops. Finding spaces large enough for all of us with open washrooms is not feasible in the current COVID world.
  11. We will end the ride in the University of the Fraser Valley parking lot to the EAST of the Abbotsford Centre on University Way
  12. Make sure you leave one space between each bike, just like at the start.
  13. Doug will park at the exit so you can say hello on your way out.
  14. Remember to record your message for Doug, and send it to info@ridefordoug.com.

If you want to come out and cheer us on:

  1. Please do not come to Colossus where the riders are. We need to maintain distancing and headcount limits in the parking lot.
  2. Please DO find a spot along 200th Street to watch us leave.
  3. The ride will be leaving Colossus, riding out the exit by Boston Pizza and turning right to head north up 200th Street and over the Golden Ears bridge.
  4. There are lots of parking lots along this section for you to park in and come out to the sidewalk. Please do not all crowd into the same lots.
  5. Maintain a 2m distance between people not from your household.
  6. If you want to see us arrive in Abbotsford – please stay across the street from the UFV parking lot on the side of the street with the Abbotsford Centre
  7. Remember to record your message for Doug, and send it to info@ridefordoug.com.
  8. Donations are online only this year. Please follow this link to donate.

TBD – this may or may not be happening — If you want to watch the YouTube Livestream:

  1. Stay home. There is no in person program this year. Watch it online at 7pm, Sunday June 6, 2021. The link is www.ridefordoug.com/livestream/
  2. Record your message for Doug in advance and email it to info@RideForDoug.com. The earlier you send it in the more time we have to put it in the playlist.
  3. Come to the Ride For Doug YouTube channel for the Livestream from 7-8pm
  4. If you watch the Livestream on a laptop or phone, make use of the Comments section. We will all miss sitting around the table and chatting. This will help fill in that gap. We will have the comments up on stage too.
  5. Sorry no food will be served. We suggest picking up takeout from a local small business. Brag about your selection in the comments. I’m hoping to eat Fraser Glen Pizza
  6. No doorprizes either. 🙁

Thank you for putting up with this long list of changes. We have put a lot of thought into providing a safe Ride For Doug given the current situation. We ask that you take it seriously. Doug is both immunosuppressed and suffering pre-existing respiratory conditions as a side effect of his Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Maybe saner parents would bubble wrap him and lock him in his room. But we’re not sane. We’re bikers, bubble wrap melts on the exhaust.

To sum up:
Ride Date – Sunday June 6th, 2021
Ride leaves Colossus Langley at 2pm
Ride finishes at Unversity of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford after 2 hours
Ride Map link is here.
No registration fee – please donate instead at www.RideForDoug.com/donate-now
online donations ONLY this year
No post-ride BBQ – watch YouTube Livestream instead at 7pm June 6th, 2021. www.ridefordoug.com/livestream